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Manufacturers of Specialist Paint Removers since 1974

Strippers Paint Removers manufacture paint strippers and paint removing products for all kinds of paint stripping and coating removal jobs. Our products range from poultice paint removers which peel away, leaving a residue that is simply washed off the surface to materials to remove graffiti, which can completely clean even aerosol graffiti from soft red bricks without damaging the surface. In short, our products make it possible to remove paint and other coatings, from virtually any surface and leave it looking as if it had never been painted.

Paint removal from beams, graffiti removal from stonework, masonry paint removal, graffiti removal from brickwork, paint stripper for woodwork, paint remover for floor paint. Whatever your requirement for paint stripper, graffiti remover or other coatings, find the solution with our product selector

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Established in 1974, Strippers Paint Removers pioneered many of the products and processes that have now become standard paint removal practice in building conservation. At that time, our product Kling-Strip was the first poultice-type peelaway paint remover on the market, Despite various subsequent imitations, it remains the preferred choice of many conservators and contractors. Since those days, we have developed paint removers and paint stripping processes for masonry paint, textured paint removers, varnish strippers and products for removing everything from graffiti and bitumastic paint, to polyurethane finishes and cardinal red floor paint. Other products include adhesive removers and resin removers, used in the flooring and vehicle refinishing trades

We hope this site will help you to find the paint removers you are looking for. Regardless of the size of your job, we do everything possible to ensure that our customers get the right products to do each job as economically as possible with the best results.

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SPR are celebrating 40 Years of Stripping Britain, and to commerate this achievement we have produced a limited edition commemorative t-shirt. Priced at £11.50 (inc vat & delivery) - why not purchase one whilst stocks last.