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Specialist Paint Removers

At Strippers Paint Removers we’ve manufactured specialist paint stripper products since 1974. We take great pride in our products ability to yield the best results again and again, as well as our customer service, so much so, we only sell exclusively and through selected retailers.

We are proud to have established so many of the processes and techniques which are now commonly known as standard paint removal practice. The key to any DIY is knowing how to get the best results; this also applies to paint removal. There is no such thing, as a one-product-removes-all off-the-shelf buy.
Different paints respond best to different strippers, easily identify your most suitable product by utilising our Product Selector.

If you feel you need some extra assistance with our products, why not check out some of our How To Guides? If there’s more you’d like to find out, we’re always here to help – Contact Us today so we can discuss with you just how effective the right product can be.


We have a wealth of knowledge on products and best practice and provide extensive guidance on selection, use and aftercare for your project.

Experience - Strippers Paint Removers


Over 45 years experience of manufacturing products that work that have been used and trusted by DIY-ers and contractors on projects large and small.

Fast Deliver - Strippers Paint Removers


All Strippers Paint Removers products are available for delivery, and there are options for free sample testing to identify the best product for your project.


Strippers Paint Removers was founded in 1974 and since then has pioneered many of the processes and techniques that have become standard paint removal practice. Our team is highly experienced in helping our customers to find the right product for their needs, as well as offering tips and advice along the way.


When working with our paint stripping our products, there are a few simple tips that can help you to get the best results. Visit our FAQs page to find out useful hints, as well as frequently asked questions about our products.


Our products have been used in a great variety of places to brilliant effect. Take a look at some of our favourite success stories using our paint remover products. Have you got a story you’d like to share? Do get in contact today!


Ms Ennis

I’ve tried loads and loads of other paint removers, none of them worked, I didn’t think this would either, but it does, it really does! Thank you.

S Marshall

I was entirely satisfied with my trial pack of Kilng-Strip. So much so, that I ordered a further 105 litres!

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Great Value
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