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Delivery Information

Please note for deliveries outside UK mainland (Northern & Southern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Shetlands, Hebrides & Orklands) PLEASE CALL 01787 371524

Carriage charges are based on the total weight of your order. The larger the order the less the carriage per kg.

Due to carriers’ constraints, individual packages weighing more than 25 kg will be supplied on a pallet. For pallet carriage to be economical, there is a minimum order quantity for such packs (e.g. 15litre/25kg Kling-Strip pack, minimum order 4 packs). For lesser amounts of product than the minimum order for a particular pack, it is more economical to order from the smaller pack sizes.

Orders weighing more than 100kg are supplied on a pallet. Please call our order helpline on 01787 371524 to place your order.

Up to and including:

  • 10 kg £7.70
  • 20 kg £9.50
  • 30kg  £13.45
  • 45 kg £17.86
  • 65 kg £25.92
  • 85kg £33.87
  • 96 kg £37.10
  • 100kg £39.80
  • over 100kg – please call 01787 371524

Please Note: Delivery is 2-5 working days from receipt of order.

Urgent deliveries may be subject to a Priority Carriage Charge.

VAT: Except for trial packs, the above prices and delivery charges do not include VAT.

VAT will be added at the checkout automatically, or when you phone your order through.

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