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The below videos will give you an insight into how our products work along with some handy usage tips.

How to remove textured paint

How to remove textured coatings, masonry paint with Solvistrip, strip the gloss paint from window frames with Kling Strip. Useful hints and tips including the best way to pressure wash off the dissolved paint and stripper.

How to remove oil based paint

How to easily remove the paint from a chest of drawers without damaging the surface underneath using Kling Strip, a Stripper Paint Removers product.

How to strip a door

How to remove the paint from a wooden door using Kling Strip in 4 easy steps

Stain Removal from Wood

Check out our latest video and see just how easy it is to remove varnish and stain when you have the right product for the job. The trick to any effective paint or coating removal is to select the correct product for the job.

Although Kling Strip would also have worked on this stain and varnish we used Solvistrip as there were only thin layers, the quality of the wood was a bit dubious and we did not want to saturate it with too much water.

Paint Stripper Flammability Test

We know it’s more effective, but now you can see how much safer Solvistrip is compared to other paint strippers on the market.

How to strip paint from Crittall windows using Kling Strip

Step-by-step guide to simply and effectively remove layers of paint from Crittall windows.

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