Developed in 1974, Kling Strip is the original poultice paint remover. It will safely and effectively remove:
  • thick layers of oil-based paints
  • old varnishes
  • distempers
  • stains
  • lead-based paints

Kling Strip is a paste, which when applied thickly to the surface, will gradually dissolve the paint to a water-soluble residue. Its poultice action draws out paint and stain from the pores of the surface or the grain of the wood, which are then left completely free of paint by washing down. There should be no scraping necessary. It is a particularly effective way to remove paint from ornate work and beams.

Usage: Simply paste on, cover with polythene, leave to work, remove excess, wash down.

Coverage: 3 to 6 litres per square metre, depending on the thickness of paint, profile of surface etc. N.B. To calculate the quantity required: each mm of thickness of Kling-Strip + 1 litre per sq.m. e.g. If tests show that Kling-Strip needs to be applied 5mm thick, 5 x 1 litre = 5 litres per sq.m

Please note: Due to the high content of resin in pitch pine there may be darkening of the wood. Always do a test patch.

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