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What is the Strongest Paint Stripper?

A question we are often asked is “what is the strongest paint stripper?”

But the key to effective paint stripping is selecting the correct product for the paint you are trying to remove. No one paint stripper or paint remover will be effective at removing every different type of paint or varnish etc. as each type of paint is formulated differently so will respond (or not) to different paint strippers. The question should actually be “which paint remover do I need to remove xxxxx type of paint/varnish/coating”.

We have been manufacturing paint stripper and coating removers for over 45 years now. At one point we even had a contracting team who tackled all manner of projects including some of the nations most well loved buildings. We are therefore well placed, indeed we pride ourselves, on being able to give expert advice for your project, whatever the size or the challenge.

So if you have a project in mind, try our Product Selector to find the best product or give us a call/drop us an email to You can get a trial pack of most of our products so you can do a test or two first to ensure you are getting the results you’re after.

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