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Solvistrip’s gel-like formula works by softening the paint or coating to a water soluble residue. It can then be washed down by hand or hot-water pressure washer – returning the substrate to its original state.

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Solvistrip paint stripper is a solvent-based paint and coating remover that is effective at removing water-based paints and coatings such as:

  • Stubborn masonry paints
  • Emulsion paints
  • Epoxy finishes
  • Bitumastic coatings
  • Varnish

Solvistrip paint stripper can be used on most substrates such as wood, metal, brick, tiles, render etc. It is often used to remove non-breathable masonry paint from lime render allowing the building to ‘breathe’ again and prevent build up of damp. Solvistrip is also ideal at removing varnish from wood which it can do quickly and with minimum saturation to the substrate. In addition it is highly effective at removing emulsion paint, epoxy’s and bitumastic coatings.

Solvistrip’s gel-like formula works by softening the paint or coating to a water soluble residue. It can then be washed down by hand or hot-water pressure washer – returning the substrate to its original state.

Usage: Apply Solvistrip generously using a natural bristle brush or spreader, leave for between 1 and 24 hours depending on the thickness of the paint (it is important to give Solvistrip time to work, although there will be an immediate reaction it generally requires several hours to fully reach its potential), wash off, ideally using a hot water pressure washer. Where that is not possible, use hot water and a natural bristle scrubbing brush.

Coverage: Approximately 1 litre of Solvistrip per square metre, per application.

Not suitable for use on plastics including UPVC.

Solvistrip is also available in 25L containers – ideal for large projects. However this size is only available for collection or delivery via pallet. Please contact us for a quote.

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Weight: From 300g – 30kg

Size: From 250ml – 25 Litres

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  1. GrannyGlen72 (verified owner)

    Needed to remove paint from concrete coping stones by my front steps prior to repainting. Solvistrip worked but used my own method. Used plenty. Covered with polythene to prevent drying out. Left for 2 hours. Removed excess with a scraper (it is very gooey) then removed the remainder by pouring boiling water directly on it followed by washing up liquid directly on top. Then scrubbed very hard. Not easy but it worked for me. Hot soapy water was simply not strong enough. Any residue I removed with a Brillo Pad. Hey presto – all paint gone. Would have given it 5 stars but for the hard work so I reduced by 1 star. Would use again as it really does work – with effort.


    • SPR_Rosalie

      We’re glad you got the results you were hoping for and thank you for your kind review. For future reference, if the Solvistrip had been left longer – 4-6 hours – the washing down process would have been easier as the Solvistrip would have had the time to better lift the paint from the concrete. There is an immediate reaction when you first apply it so it’s easy to think it’s reached its peak of effectiveness after a couple of hours, however leaving it for several hours increases its effectiveness and reduces the effort required for washing down.


  2. David Baker (verified owner)

    Great product

    David Baker

  3. Louise Brent (verified owner)

    Highly recommended Paint Stripper super efficient extremely easy to use & not messy like other the other shop large retail diy brand Colour green.
    I message Strippers 45 before purchased to ask a question They are experts & really helpful. This Product made my life so much easier. Paint Stripper came quickly via couriers. 5 Stars Strippers 45 Thank you

    Louise Brent

  4. Lulu (verified owner)

    Used this product to remove layers of paint from victorian window sills. Needed to remove with a scraper after first application and then reapply, but worked


    • SPR_Rosalie

      We’re glad you got the results you were after. For future reference, when stripping multiple layers of paint traditionally found on cills Kling Strip would most likely be a better choice as it’s designed to remove many layers in one application.



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