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Customer Testimonials

Ms Ennis

I’ve tried loads and loads of other paint removers, none of them worked, I didn’t think this would either, but it does, it really does! Thank you.

S Marshall

I was entirely satisfied with my trial pack of Kilng-Strip. So much so, that I ordered a further 105 litres!

John Riddington

Solvistrip worked wonders. Thank you.

David Foster

Thank you for your enquiry. In fact I did use the sample, plus some other packs that I bought from you and have successfully completed the job. I very much appreciated the helpful advice that I got from you when deciding which products to use.

John Barnes

Thought I would send you some pictures of a late Victorian Pitch Pine window I had tried to machine sand, hand sand and strip using a well known brand of strippers from a well known do it yourself outlet, all without success.

I tried machine sanding but could not get close enough to the glass without the risk of breaking the glass and finishing by hand was too laborious, the well-known stripper (Nitromores) only worked on the top modern layer of paint, not the earlier lead based paints.

I used your products and hey presto, I now have a beautiful stripped late Victorian Pitch Pine window.

I would have no problem recommending your products to family and friends.

Thought I would include some pictures of the window being stripped and the end result. Many Thanks.

Rob Carson

I purchased the Stripper 4-F product to remove red paint from bricks under my bay window. The item was quickly delivered and the results are fantastic, my brickwork has been restored. The product also goes a long way, I used only about 1/3 of the product for my my application. I tried a few other products which were a waste of time. Thank you.

A1 Sandblasting

Really good product, thrilled with the results, it’s marvellous.

J Sutton

Just a quick note to say a very big THANK YOU once again for your company’s amazing service AGAIN. VERY polite. Efficient. Helpful. Friendly. The produces REALLY do work. Delivery is efficient and as promised. What a super company I will absolutely recommend you whenever I possibly can.

Isobel Stephen

Very pleased with success of product and service. Thank you.

Trevor Maltas

In May I bought your product to try and strip paint from an old farmhouse floor. I should explain that over the years I have tried every conceivable way of doing so; to no avail. Normal stripper, extra powerful stripper, a blow torch, even an angle grinder – nothing worked. You were my last hope and within 10 minutes of the stripper being applied, the paint began to dissolve; it was incredible. So much so, that I promised myself, there and then, that I would write and thank you at the first opportunity – so, thank you very much indeed.

Fenella Lacey

May I say I was very impressed by Kling-Strip. I have used similar products in the past which has several drawbacks:

– Not strong enough

– liquid residue seeping from the application and dripping everywhere

– product refusing to stick on vertical surfaces

I am pleased to sat that I had none of these problems with Kling-Strip and your product is also much cheaper than other paste paint stripping products available from DIY stores. I was delighted with my trial pack, because the ceiling beams are particularly problematic and it is essential that the stripping product can cling to the underneath of the beam. I am confident that I shall be successful.

T. Warner

I have now used your product to remove Polyurethane varnish amor Chinese Slate and can confirm that it was completely successful and very straightforward to use. May I congratulate your company in supplying such an effective product. I will bear in mind, and recommend for the future, your excellent products and service.

Claire Milburn

Hello clever people. I LOVE Klingstrip. You have changed my life. Thank you. I only wish I’d found you for the first of the fireplaces and not the last!


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