Developed in 1974, Kling Strip is the original peel-off paint remover. It will safely and effectively remove:
  • lead-based paints
  • thick layers of oil-based paints
  • old varnishes
  • distempers
  • stains

Kling Strip is a paste, which when applied thickly to the surface, will gradually dissolve the paint to a water-soluble residue. Its poultice action draws out paint and stain from the pores of the surface or the grain of the wood, which are then left completely free of paint by washing down. There should be no scraping necessary. It is a particularly effective way to remove paint from beams and ornate work and being a wet process, is a safe way to remove lead based paint.

Kling Strip is the paint stripper of choice for many professionals as well as DIY users. It has been, and continues to be, used on some of the countries most historic and notable buildings.

Usage: Simply paste on thickly using a scraper or similar, cover with polythene, leave to work – anything from 1 hour for a thin layer of varnish to 24/48 hours for very thick , multiple layers of paint –  remove excess, wash down. (See video for usage technique).

Coverage: 3 to 6 litres per square metre, depending on the thickness of paint, profile of surface etc.

The formula to calculate the quantity required: 1 litre per square metre for each mm thickness. i.e. If tests show that an area of 1sq.m. needs Kling Strip applied at a thickness of 5mm: 5 x 1 = 5 Litres per sq.m.

Please note: Due to the high content of resin in pitch pine there may be darkening of the wood. Always do a test patch.

Kling Strip is also available in 15L tubs – ideal for large projects. However this size is only available for collection or delivery via pallet. Please contact us for a quote.

Weight N/A

15 litre – pallet delivery only, 5 litre, 2.5 litre, 500ml, Trial Pack

32 reviews for Kling Strip

  1. Wendy Button (verified owner)

    I ordered Kling Strip feeling a bit dubious that it would remove all the paint from an iron fire place based on my experience using a Nitromors type product. I was delighted at the result though! Kling Strip removed a number of layers of paint, including what we guessed was lead based paint. The majority of the product brought off the paint in one gelatinous length. It was a little messy to remove the remaining product, and you will need to use a nail brush or something less abrasive to get all the product off. However, if you are looking for something to remove all traces of paint, this product will do the trick. NB Protect walls and floor coverings around the area to be stripped.

    • SPR_Rosalie

      Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad you were pleased with the results!

  2. Jeremy

    I used Klingstrip for removing paint from a large painted pine wardrobe and achieved excellent results with 99% of paint removed in one application, the remaining 1% was due to stripper not applied in required depth in localised areas. Would definitely recommend this product

    • SPR_Rosalie

      Thank you for your helpful feedback, we’re glad you achieved the results you were looking for.

  3. James (verified owner)

    This is a revelation! I am still in shock with how well it worked and will use nothing else in future. I used it to strip textured paint from Victorian cornicing and lead based paint from Victorian doors. I’ve stripped all manner of surfaces before and have never experienced the ease and joy Kling Strip gave me. WOW!!! Customer service is excellent too! I will be recommending this to everyone I know.

    • SPR_Rosalie

      Thank you for your kind review, we are delighted that you are so pleased with Kling Strip and got the results you were after.

  4. Rachel Ranger (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. One and a half tubs have stripped 2 4-metre beams of layers of black stuff that Nitromors didn’t touch. I found with the second beam that putting on cling film as I went along, rather than once I’d spread the gloop on the whole thing, worked better. Getting it all off isn’t easy but I think a light sanding will remove the remnants. Will use it again.

    • SPR_Rosalie

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, it’s definitely a good idea to cover the Kling Strip as soon as you apply to avoid it drying out, as that will inhibit its effectiveness and also make it harder to remove. Washing off using a stiff bristle scrubbing brush and a sponge should negate the need to sand.

  5. Dorothy Edmondson-Wroe

    This paste is amazing

    We have stripped windows, steps and beams in our cottage it’s so simple and very effective. We are about to tackle our next project

    Just love it

  6. Ruth Johnson (verified owner)

    My project is to fully redecorate the whole house, but initially focusing on stripping all the architrave, skirting and bannister first. Having used both a heat gun and almost 5 litres of Nitromoors, I decided to have a look as to what other paint removers are out there and decided on this. My only misgiving is not having bought it sooner!

    It’s taken me 13.5 years to embark on this project and I’m intent of taking it all back to bare wood before painting and Kling-strip would’ve saved me a ridiculous amount of hours (I’m too embarrassed to say exactly how many). So now I’m going back over what’s already been done via previous methods as this is taking it back to the wood.

    I’m just starting to play around with the amount of time to leave on….I’ve definitely left it on too long in some areas and having to redo. Trial and error is all it takes, along with patience to figure it out.

    Yes, it is messy. Yes, I’ve developed some ‘sores’ on 2 fingers as the gloves I also bought to use were filling up with water, so I gave up using them in preference to bare hands. However today I tried washing up gloves which seem to be better (for me) but the paste sticks to them more. But hey, if I can keep the momentum going, then that’s ok with me.

    The only real difficulty I’ve had is on the end spindles and pretty inaccessible places as I can not get a scrubbing brush to them. The same for the bannister base where it meets the carpet. Unless I develop a tactic, then hopefully when I start sanding will sort those little bits. But all that’s down to whoever designed this house and not the product.

    It’s a thumbs up and a big thank you from me!!

    • SPR_Rosalie

      Thank you for your feedback. We’re so glad you are getting on so well with your project with our product Kling Strip. It’s often trial and error with regards to finding user techniques that work for the individual project. If you have any spindles still to do we can advise cutting strips of polythene and spreading the Kling Strip directly onto them and then wrapping around the spindles like a bandage. Good luck with the rest of your project!

  7. Sarah (verified owner)

    Very pleased with results. In the past I’ve always burned paint off with a hot air gun… horrid fumes, and residue left on wood requiring lots of sanding, both of which could be dangerous as I’m sure there will always have been lead in the very old houses I’ve worked on. Used the Kling Strip for the first time on a Georgian door with many layers of paint. A 5l tub has stripped both sides with a little left over. I did a small test patch by leaving it on to work its magic overnight, which didn’t quite remove all of the base layers, so continued with rest of door leaving it on for 3 days – which took the lot off – no sanding required!

  8. Ivan Roche

    I first used Klingstrip in 1995 and the results were amazing. Still using it in 2020. It gives me more time to get other jobs done whilst it works away.

  9. Sharon (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Kling Strip for about 15 years, in my previous house and now my current house. It’s amazing stuff – easy to use, doesn’t smell bad and the service is excellent. It always arrives within a couple of days of being ordered. I’ve used it on beams, doors, window frames, skirting board etc. Would never use anything else!

  10. William (verified owner)

    Clear telephone advice given on options and suprisingly prompt delivery.
    Two days after one application on multiple paint layers we have revealed beautiful undamaged 1936 Quarry tiles. Thank you.

  11. Hattie (verified owner)

    I’m using this on skirting and doorframes with lead paint. I’ve only done my test patches so far but actually can’t believe it really works!! Make sure you don’t skimp on how much you use, it needs to be thick and the test patches are useful to know how thick. Washing off the surface afterwards really makes a difference to get the residue off. I’ll be ordering more.

  12. James (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely remarkable product! It works exactly as advertised. If you need to strip paint, use Kling Strip!!! I was really struggling to make a dent in removing the paint from our ancient skirting, so decided to have a punt on the trial pack. Have just ordered a LOT more and now wish there we had more woodwork that needed to be stripped…

  13. Peter Phillips

    Superb stuff. I have a project of two cast iron fireplaces. I originally tried standard shop bought strippers which were woeful, and made me think that I would need to get the grates removed and sandblasted. Trying one last thing before I did, I happened upon KlingStrip, and watching the YouTube video thought I’d give it a try. Now, YouTube videos tend to be a best case scenario, so I was thinking if it works half as well as the videos then I’ll be happy. My first attempt with a four hour wait between application and removal worked as good as the YouTube video. My second attempt with a day’s wait worked better! Truly excellent stuff!

  14. Michael Runnicles (verified owner)

    I was despairing to find something to shift many layers of paint from 100 years old plaster coving, with most of today’s products being pretty poor and usually messy.
    After reading reviews I settled for Kling Strip and I was very impressed. It’s very, very thick and takes a fair bit of effort to apply, ensuring it gets into all the nooks and crannies, and that a thick coat is present over the whole surface. I covered it with polythene and as I was in no rush left it on for a couple of days. Mort of the many paint layers came off very cleanly. As the product is very thick there were no drips or liquid residue to remove. No discernable smell either, or fumes.
    I brushed on a less effective paint stripper to remove the few residues, which was quick but messy.
    Kling Strip will be my stripper of choice for the foreseeable future.

  15. Elaine Taylor (verified owner)

    I was advised to use this because I’m stripping very old paint layers that possibly have some lead content. It makes the job so much easier and safer and I’ll definitely use it on other house projects that I have planned.

  16. Patricia Wood (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found out about Kling Strip. It does exactly what it says and works really well on the old lead paint on our skirting boards and door frames. I’m now on my second 5l tub and I wouldn’t go back to the stripper I used previously.

  17. cbu

    Started stripping Victorian vestibule with Peelaway – great, but just couldn’t afford to continue so i’m glad I found Klingstrip – 24 hour patch test has removed absolutely everything right down to original wood including lead paint – less than half the price of Peelaway. Quite fun to pull off the plastic and paint to see new wood. So easy and safe. I’m delighted.

  18. Louise (verified owner)

    Found Kling strip on tick tock, of all places!
    Can’t recommend it enough. Spent hours with a heat gun & a sander as the paint had turned the wood a black colour. Then tried this & found it was so easy to remove. Doing a full hallway, staircase & landing was looking to be a big job until now

  19. Jade Moran (verified owner)

    I used the 500ml tub to strip layers of gloss from our bannister. It was easy to apply and worked much better than I anticipated. The scraping-off process is oddly satisfying and it got the gloss out off all the curves with ease. I’ve recommended countless times already.

  20. Andy

    I’ve been using Klingstrip to renovate 1930s Crittal windows and sills after recommendation from a friend. The putty like consistency and when used with cling film is extremely easy to use and clean up afterwards. Strips through layers of paint, down to bare metal and wood in a matter of hours. Very good customer service too. Solvistrip is phenomenal on masonry paint too. 100% removal with no residue!

  21. David McHaffie (verified owner)

    At last I’ve founds a paint stripper that works – extremely well! I was VERY pleased with it. All the paint was removed in just one application. The old Kling Strip was easy to remove. Thoroughly recommend it.
    The 5 litre tub itself is very good quality, easy to clean afterwards for reuse; unfortunately the label cannot come off, but the tub should be safe after a thorough clean for storing food items eg bird food in a mouse- or rat-proof way.

  22. Les rust (verified owner)

    Purchased a trail pack excellent product will buy a bigger size for stripping paint off floor boards

  23. Natalie Bennett (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. I originally bought peelaway 7. I was then recommended klingstrip by a Instagram account. I personally think it’s better and the bonus is it’s cheaper. I have a huge project of stripping over 100 years of paint from the outside of my house. This stuff is making it a lot easier 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  24. Jan Crook

    it’s the only paint stripper that is out there that actually does what is says. I was pretty sceptic about if it would work tried so many different kinds, but this stuff king strip is great.

  25. Paul Finch (verified owner)

    This stuff isn’t cheap, I must admit. .. but it does what it says on the tin! Take your time and make sure you wrap it well in polythene film and it removes years of paint.
    Stripped an original edwardian skirting board in one coat, left on for three or four days.
    We knew when it was ready to come off, when it all turned brown as it had stripped past the paint and was working on the 1910 brown varnish!
    Did the same with the cast iron fireplace and it stripped back to the metal in one coat over a weekend.
    Works a treat, and about to order some more.

  26. Mark Nolan (verified owner)

    It’s horrid stuff to work with on ladders, but incredibly effective. Be incredibly careful though, I end up with a chemical burn due to not noticing a blob had stuck to my belly. That said its good stuff and really shifts old stubborn paint.

  27. Scott (verified owner)

    Bought the tester size after hearing great things about the product but was a little skeptical of the results.
    The tester size managed to cover a small single panel window – 30cmx50cm. In the areas, I applied the paste thick enough it worked a dream. A few patches I don’t think I applied enough paste and a little more enough was needed to scrape off the paint. We defiantly be using it again as it saved so much time.

  28. Colin (verified owner)

    Used on a victorian slate fireplace, the front room took weeks of sanding, using nitromors and shop alternatives and a heat gun. We put the kling strip on yesterday morning and have just removed it around 30 hours later, I would say it’s removed 95% of the paint, almost def lead on the bottom layers. Just a bit of sanding, further removal required in a few places. We’re very impressed, it’s very messy to remove but results speak for itself.

  29. Lucy (verified owner)

    Excellent. Wanted to remove multiple layers of paint from handrail. This did the job easily. However you do need a fair amount.

  30. John Beck (verified owner)

    Easily the best oak stripping method for mouldings and detail on period doors etc. great company to deal with and very fairly priced.

  31. Sue (verified owner)

    Used to remove black stuff from around the edge of the our floorboards. Game changer, saves me scrubbing!! Working in small areas while it does its thing! Plus giving my knees at rest in between stripping . Job doesnt seem so daunting now.

  32. paul.killington (verified owner)

    Kling strip is just a revelation…!!
    We have an old cottage with some very old very hard paint.

    Have used it twice now, Once to remove many many layers of paint on old pine boarding to expose some beautiful antique pine.
    Now on exterior window concrete window sills where the paint is badly flaking and in a bad way 24hours of the KlingStrip treatment takes it back to bare and prepped for priming and re-glossing.

    Just amazing stuff. Not cheep, but effortless in comparison to the more traditional methods with no nasty vapours etc !

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